July 04, 2012

Motivation to Stand

Catherine finally found the motivation needed to get her to stand up successfully on her own--Grandma has a new foster kitten!  Catherine has practiced petting our cats, so she knows to be very gentle with this  little one.  They have played all evening and the kitten even comes over to the end of the box where Catherine is standing as if he's asking Catherine to play with him.

July 02, 2012

Block Play

We pulled out some of the toys that I had when I was little and Catherine has been enjoying the stacking blocks.

Catherine is looking at the stack of blocks for the first time.

It immediately fell to the ground so she checked out all the blocks.

Figuring out how they work.

Finding the best block to push to get them all to fall.


Yeah! Another stack.

Starting to fall!

Ouch!  This time the blocks fell on her.

Sunday in Barron

Lots of people came to visit on Sunday.  Crystal and Bill, Ellen and Troy, Grandma Elaine, and Anita and Gary all came for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

Grandma Elaine and Catherine Elaine together again.

This little piggy...

Snack break.


New vegetable of the day: corn on the cob.

Grandma bought Catherine a sprinkler ball.  It was cold!

Swimming was more fun than running through the sprinkler, though.

Hanging with Anita.

Photo session with the phone car.

What is this?

Hanging with a favorite :)