July 11, 2011

Time for a Change

Dear Fellow Followers,

It's time to change this blog.  Let's face it - I'm not caking as much as I used to and that's why I originally started Act of Sweetness.  I'm not even baking as much as I used to, and I'm definitely not sewing so much these days.

Please update your blog readers to the address: 

I will switch this blog over to that address in the next few days.

Until then, I'll leave you with this most awesomely-wonderful photo:

Yes, it's a foot.  And it's mine.  Okay, not really mine, but I have possession of it.  This foot is the reason I haven't blogged in months--I've been too busy sleeping, eating, and finding new clothes that actually fit me.

I can't wait to meet the owner of this foot--sometime in November!

Until then, change your bookmarked address for this blog and I'll keep you updated with pictures and stories.

July 01, 2011

Time for a Change

Have you noticed our new blog address?
Update your readers – we are now at
I am doing this because with our new addition on the way, I sense a change of hobbies coming.  Baking, and especially caking, has dwindled at my house, and even sewing has taken a back seat for a while.  I’m changing to a family blog for now so we can keep family and friends near and far updated on happenings at the Hawley House.
For now, I’ll be cleaning up the old blog and possibly back-dating some new posts that have been sitting in my draft box for a while.  I won’t promise a timely posting of new news, but when it comes, it’ll be housed here.