July 15, 2010

Wedding Fun

Josh and I have been married for almost a month and we are still celebrating.  We have one more gathering this weekend where we will celebrate with Wisconsin friends and family.  After that, I will begin to post stories and recipes from the wedding.
Between the wedding, reception, family gatherings, and honeymoon, we have eaten well and enjoyed spending extra time with special people for a whole month! 
cupcake stand (3) cheese curds (2) Wedding cake Norwegian wedding cake (2)


Pocket said...

AAAHHH!! WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT YOUR BLOG UNTIL NOW?!! I'm so glad you left a comment on mine because now I can STALK YOU like I've been wanting to do all summer. Can't wait to hear all about the wedding and celebrations and I can't WAIT to see you when school starts. You're the cutest!!!

dolly said...

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