June 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My big sister got married on May 7.  Remember this cake?  It was for her wedding.  We changed a number of the details and came up with a cake that was perfect for her and her sweetie.  I take that back…we came up with A LOT of cakes that were perfect.
Here’s a quick view of the fun.

Bride and Groom cake

In all, there were nine flavors of cake.  Seven of those were prepared by the aunts (bakers) and sisters (decorators).  Two of the flavors were baked by another aunt.  This cake buffet was definitely an act of love. 
May 7 was also Kentucky Derby day, so we had some Derby fun at the wedding.  Many ladies wore their finest hats.  We had a lot of fun in the prep hours and a ton of fun at the event.
Congrats Crystal and Bill!