August 26, 2008

TWD - Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

I refuse to admit defeat this week, but I can't claim success, either. I'm sure you can understand the importance of a freezer in this recipe, given the ice cream component. I do have a freezer. Somehow all the food already in it is completely frozen. This recipe did not ever freeze completely so I have some wavy bands of chocolate and ice cream. My freezer chose this week to begin gathering droplets of water on the ceiling, and then it dripped all over the (still completely frozen) food. I, of course, forgot to cover the torte during its last freeze cycle, so I ended up with a watery top layer.

Why no pictures of this fantastic (really, very good-tasting) dessert? Because between home and school, I have no idea where the camera charger is and the batteries are completely drained tonight. I promise to post pictures as soon as the camera is recharged.

Thank you to Amy of Food, Family and Fun for choosing the Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte (on pages 288-289). It tasted great!

Now on to successfully complete next week's recipe!

Edited to add picture...after all the trouble making this recipe, I couldn't get a good picture of the final product. Here is my only picture. It tasted better than it looked.


The DeL Sisters said...

Ours had wavy layers as well, but that was partly our fault as we did not let the layers freeze all the way!

Teanna said...

MINE WAS RIDICULOUS, TOO! My freezer hates me.

Debbie said...

I'm sure it tasted good. It was hard to get to freeze right even with a freezer that cooperated.

Cathy said...

Another wavy tortemaker here! I think your torte looks great -- if there are waves, they are pretty and delicate waves; I might even think you did it that way on purpose. Great job!