November 19, 2011

Coming Home


We brought Catherine home today!

First, we both had to get cleared for discharge.   I was cleared early and then we waited for Catherine’s doctor to come.  She had all good things to say about Catherine, and again mentioned how alert she is.  We’ll be visiting her in the office next week for Catherine’s first check-up.  While we waited, we dressed her in her going-home outfit.  This is the same outfit I wore on my trip home from the hospital 32 years ago. 

100_2675 DSC00160DSC00158



  Josh is swinging Catherine while we wait for the doctors.  She loves to move!







Getting buckled in to go home.  Look how tiny she is!




Home at last!

DSC00162  DSC00166

PS – This post is back-dated because although I wrote it in November, I forgot to publish it.  In and effort to keep updates chronological, I am setting the post date to November 19.