November 28, 2011


Our first holiday with Catherine was Thanksgiving.  We arDSC00192e so thankful to have her with us.  We are also thankful that Grandma Colby has been able to be here for 3 weeks and that the rest of the Colby family was able to come here to celebrate the holiday this year.  We can’t forget to mention Grandma Hawley, who was our midwife and spent almost all of those 42 long hours with us, and the Hawley sisters (and Bec) who were here for support—what a great cheering crowd during some tough hours.

We spent Thursday in Louisville with the Eckels/Neumann and Colby families and part of Friday in Salem with the Hawley family.  How great that everyone was able to be together (we missed Mary and Nate, though, who both had to work on Friday).   

We didn’t take any photos in Salem because I forgot my camera.  Here are a few shots of our time in Louisville.


  One of Catherine’s favorite activities is being jiggled by her daddy.  This is very calming for her.  Some people say it is because I was so active while I was pregnant—she likes the continuous motion.







We had a photo shoot in hopes of getting some great pictures for a few Christmas presents.  It turns out that Catherine hates getting her picture taken.  The pacifier helped her calm down, but did not help the photo cuteness any.


We also wanted a family photo in front of our house.  I think it will be a yearly activity.  Notice the pumpkins on the step—a daddy, a mommy, and a baby-sized one, along with two mini pumpkins—Casey and Joey!



PS – This post is back-dated because although I wrote it in November, I forgot to publish it.  In and effort to keep updates chronological, I am setting the post date to November 28.


Pocket said...

I just caught up with your posts (for some reason, my blog list isn't putting yours up top like it should, which I will swiftly fix!) and I'm dying to know the whole birth story! Are you going to write about it? 42 hours?! You can't leave me hanging like this!

Catherine is absolutely beautiful and you all look like naturals! What a lucky little baby to come home in your arms!